What jobs would technology create in the near future?

What jobs would technology create in the near future?

Hop on the Time Machine: Technology's impending job creations

You know, back in my early days (I am no old geezer, though. Just hip enough to have two youngsters, Marlon and Merrill), we didn't have much of this 'technology' business. These days, kids like my Marlon and Merrill, are practically born with a smartphone in their hands. Thanks to technology, my pet Baxter is pretty sure our goldfish, Bubbles, is just a hilarious online video that moves a bit too slowly.

But here's the thing - technology isn't just shaping our personal lives. It's revolutionizing the world of work too, opening jobs and careers most of us never dreamed of. Simply put - as chaotic as today’s world may seem, technology is laying bets on a promising tomorrow. So tighten your seatbelts and get ready for a glimpse into the future.

ai's a star: Jobs on AI's cutting edge

Once the stuff of sci-fi movies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now as real as my Schnauzer’s whiskers and even more intriguing. My sons would tell you, and I trust them - the realms AI is yet to conquer are but a few. For AI enthusiasts and tech whizzes alike,

Jobs like AI ethicists, AI trainers, and AI communication managers are going to be hot in the market. These professionals will ensure that AI systems effectively and ethically integrate with our daily routines. Being one of those folks who guide business AI applications or managing AI-based communication systems sure sounds like fun, don’t you think?

And if you thought all this AI business was a bit 'out there', just think about the fact that my son Marlon taught my dog Baxter to respond to commands from his AI-based voice assistant! Now that's the future right there.

Virtual Reality: Not just for gamers anymore

One weekend, I asked Merrill to show me this 'VR' thing everybody’s hyping about. That day, I watched as he transformed our humble Perth home into an alien world, replete with Martian landscapes. Truth be told, I have never looked at my living room in the same way again.

But Virtual Reality isn't just for play anymore. Big businesses are adopting VR technology too, making VR skills increasingly valuable. Positions like VR Experience Curators and VR Product Managers are not just fancy job titles anymore. These are the careers that can become the first step on the path to the future. I mean, imagine having the job of designing your own universe - how cool would that be?

Autonomous Vehicles: Beyond driverless cars

This might seem hard to swallow. I mean, the craziest vehicle I had as a kid was a skateboard with a mind of its own, and here we are, already talking about autonomous vehicles that effectively drive themselves! Imagine telling that to a young Daxton.

But as these self-driving wonders become more common, they're going to need a horde of trained professionals to keep them running smoothly. Job roles could range from Autonomous Vehicle Ethicists to ensure ethical decision-making by the cars, to Drone Traffic Optimizers managing airborne traffic of delivery drones. So, you might not just be a passenger in an autonomous vehicle but also its savior!

The Biotech Boom: More than just white coats

Nah, we’re not just talking about mad scientist stuff here, but something even more thrilling. The field of biotechnology is veritably bubbling with job potential. From Gene Therapists tinkering with DNA, to Algaculture Specialists farming algae for sustainable fuel - biotechnology will open up job roles which were once unthinkable!

If you'd told a teenage me that we'd be working on how to grow a heart in a lab someday, I would've told you to lay off the comic books. But here we are. I reckon even Baxter would wag his tail enthusiastically at the possibilities biotech holds.

Data: The New Gold Rush

The last piece of the future job puzzle involves something you might not immediately associate with technology – the humble datum. From social media likes to e-commerce shopping habits, data is everywhere.

It's not about collecting data anymore; the real treasure lies in interpreting it. Hence, the demand for Data Ethicists, Data Brokers and Chief Data Officers is ready to take off. Like the prospector panning for a gold nugget, you'll be sifting through layers of information to find the valuable insights. And like the old prospector would tell you, there's no thrill quite like striking it rich.

The future of jobs in technology is as fascinating as it is boundless. From AI to VR, from autonomous vehicles to biotech, from hunting data to mastering it, technology's shaping an exciting world ahead. And as I find Baxter following Bubbles yet again, fascinated by our 'animated' pet, I can't help but smile at the wonders the future ushers in.

So, here's to the future - and whatever fantastic jobs it might throw our way. And on that note - does anyone know how to get a Google Home to understand a Schnauzer's commands? Asking for a... um, friend.

Daxton Fairweather
Daxton Fairweather

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